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GPUs and Accelerators in HPC

Tower Seminar Room
STFC Daresbury Laboratory
28-29 September 2010


Igor Kozin (STFC Daresbury Laboratory)
Dave Cable (STFC Daresbury Laboratory)
Jonathan Follows (STFC Daresbury Laboratory)


The workshop on GPUs and Accelerators in HPC is a two day workshop organised by the Computational Science & Engineering Department at STFC Daresbury Laboratory. It aims to bring together people interested in GPU and accelerator computing, highlight recent advancements in this area and provide a forum for sharing user experience to date.


The winner of the NVIDIA competition is John Pennycook, University of Warwick "Experiences with Porting and Modelling Wavefront Algorithms on Many-Core Architectures". He was awarded a Fermi card for the best contributed paper.


Day 1, 28 September

Igor Kozin STFC  Introduction.
Chris Butler NVIDIA  GPU Technology and Applications.
John Brooke Manchester  Dynamic Profiling and Load Balancing of an N-body Computational Kernel on Heterogeneous Architectures.
Mike Giles Oxford  OP2: an open-source library for unstructured grid applications.
Chris Maynard EPCC  Synthesis: Simulating sound on GPUs.
Guillaume Collin de Verdiere CEA  GPU computing at CEA.
Graham Markall Imperial  Generating optimised finite element solvers for GPUs.
  + Paper.
Francois Bodin CAPS  Innovative Software for Manycore Paradigms.
Christopher Bergström PathScale  Tutorial: PathScale ENZO - A complete GPGPU solution from programming model to kernel driver.
Nikolay Piskun TotalView  Tutorial: TotalView for CUDA.

Day 2, 29 September

Ruari Nestor ICHEC  Porting the DL POLY molecular dynamics package to GPGPUs.
  + Paper.
David Huw Jones Imperial  Evolving a GPU kernel to perform complex low-level image-processing tasks.
  + Paper.
Alistair Hart Cray  Accelerator directives - a user's perspective.
  + Paper.
Matt Harvey Imperial  High-throughput molecular dynamics simulations using ACEMD on GPUs.
John Pennycook Warwick  Experiences with Porting and Modelling Wavefront Algorithms on Many-Core Architectures.
  + Paper.
Daniel Goodman Manchester  Environmental Considerations When Measuring Relative Performance of Graphics Cards.
  + Paper.
Douglas Miles PGI  Tutorial: PGI 2010 Compilers & Tools for x64 + GPU Systems.
David Lecomber Allinea  Tutorial: Debugging GPU Applications.


    Tower Seminar Room
    Science and Technology Facilities Council
    Daresbury Laboratory
    Daresbury Science and Innovation Campus
    Warrington WA4 4AD

Directions to the Laboratory can be found here. Wireless access will be provided.


Accommodation is NOT provided as part of this workshop. If you require accommodation you should make your own arrangements. You can find a list of local hotels here. (Please note that the prices in the document are a guide and should be checked when making bookings).


If you have any questions about the workshop or need further information please use the following contact details:


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