DL Visualize

DL Visualize is a state-of-the-art package for the visualisation of materials structures and properties.

DLV v3 initial update for Linux and CRYSTAL17 (January 2018, previous v3.3-r837 4 December 2013 for CRYSTAL14). The button mapping in the 3D viewer has changed, please read the release notes for details.

The current release features an interface to the ab-initio periodic Hartree-Fock/DFT software package, CRYSTAL, the EXAFS analysis program DL_EXCURV, GULP v3 and the SXRD package ROD. DLV provides the ability to construct and visualize crystals, surfaces and molecules. The graphical user interface to CRYSTAL provides a simply and intuitive method of setting up input decks, and provides a powerful method of analysing the wavefunctions generated by CRYSTAL and hence of calculating associated properties. The code also provides a simple method of generating LEED patterns from complex surfaces and can provide both single domain and multiple domain patterns.

DLV is available for Windows XP/Vista/7 and Linux (RedHat 5 etc). The core structural editing features are stable and the currently supported interfaces are

The charge density of Si calculated using the CRYSTAL interface within DLV

DLV is free for academic use.
  To request a copy of DLV please contact us including your name and University/Institute. Information on which version (Windows/Linux/MacOSX) and interface (CRYSTAL/Excurv etc) you would like to use would also be helpful.
  v3 documentation
  DLV v3 FAQ
  Legacy v2.5 documentation


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